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Working with Earl from BizInTheHood was an absolute pleasure. I was able to work on BMusic, a database driven music streaming app with an easy barrier to entry to allow for up and coming small artists to have a platform of which to build off and ThisIsMyHood, a 2D platformer that incorporated local businesses and offered real-life rewards for playing, such as discount codes and special offers.

Earl left a lengthy review about my involvement in his products:

“My company came to meet Jared through a bit of a crisis. We had some programming work that was brought to a sudden halt, which put us in a very precarious position and we needed an immediate solution. Fortunate for us we were able to reach out to Jared and communicate our situation.

Well, not only did he come to the rescue, he took our project to another level. His talents merged with creativity and our blueprint, to create new opportunities, and additional avenues for our project, for our brand. Jared is detailed oriented, an excellent communicator and rather proficient and efficient when it comes to executing and producing the results required. This is critical. The experience working with him has led to project opportunities beyond the original scope of the project we initially approached him with.

As a result, our company foresees, and has made long term plans, and a commitment to work with Jared for the foreseeable future. The guy is truly talented. Enthusiastic, energetic, innovative, solution oriented–a slew of other positive traits that you would hope to find in any member of your team, especially in a programmer, but there is one you would not expect, one that is and has been a pleasant surprise. He is motivational. The guy motivates, inspires and encourages you to reach new heights. To take a project to new levels, through both grand ideas and subtle ones. I honestly did not think that would be possible consider the scale of the ideas we already have, but Jared Merritt has done just that, and we are a better company because of it.

Every word I speak is true. Yes, it sounds good, it makes him look good, but it is 100 percent, absolutely true. He is a good guy, a great talent and soon the world will know what I have come to know. Jared rocks!”

If you're interested in following BizInTheHood, you can do so at the company's Facebook page, or at it's website.